Wearing the shoe on the other foot

Learning new software has thrust me back into being a documentation user. I’m surprised at what documentation does not say.

For example, the Windchill CMS includes something called a workspace. A general overview topic in the Help Center explains that when you check out an object, it is added to one’s workspace. Then the topic explains how to clear the workspace, as if clearing the workspace is what one does with a workspace! So far I have found the workspace concept to be of little benefit.

Another concept that isn’t well explained is the idea that a topic, which is also a file, is stored in a container in the database. The name of the container is derived from the topic title when you check the topic in for the first time. I tend to revise my topics substantially before I’m finished with a document. The title of a given topic may change multiple times. It confuses and frustrates me to see the old original title appear in Windchill as the container, bucket, or shortcut name.


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