The habit of why

A standard feature of a CMS is the comments field that appears when you check a topic in to the database. My initial reaction to using this field was one of rejection because I could not imagine taking the time to write about the changes I had made to the document while I was working on it. One of our consultants pointed out the desirability of being able to trace why something was deleted or added, or changed for that matter.

I am settling into the habit of checking out my bookmap without checking out all the topics contained in it. Then, I individually check out each topic when I begin to work on it. Since this method of working doesn't seem burdensome, I decided to try commenting at check-in. Soon I began to gauge my check-in times by the specific type of work completed. And, I found myself commenting even when I fixed a typo. The effort involved now seems minor, and I expect the value to be considerable, should it ever be necessary to defend the company's reputation in court! God forbid.

I'm wondering how others use the comment-at-check-in? Do you find it too much effort? Have you ever gone back to find out why an update was made?



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